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Historically, many organizations maintained separate silos for managing privileged IT users and regular end-users. However, managing and governing end-user access apart from privileged access creates cybersecurity gaps and prevents a comprehensive view into identity context for access-related decisions.

Integrating Privileged Identity Management with Identity Governance and Administration

To close this gap, BeyondTrust Privileged Identity integrates with leading Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions from SailPoint and RSA. Through these integrations you can manage and enforce both privileged and end-user access to applications, systems and data across the enterprise - while generating reports about misaligned permissions and privileges - all from a single platform.

A Complete View Into All Identities

With BeyondTrust Privileged Identity's unrivaled ability to automatically discover your privileged accounts, you can be assured that all privileged accounts are managed — and nothing missed — so that all access is audited and complies with policies configured in your IGA solution.

Privileged Identity’s IGA integrations give you visibility into all your identities to make informed access decisions within a proper access governance framework so that you can:

  • Identify users with excessive identity-related risk
  • Find segregation of duties violations, and
  • Streamline on-boarding and off-boarding of users