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Tighten Security and Maximize Existing Investments

BeyondTrust provides value-added technology integrations on an on-going basis for our privileged identity management product Privileged Identity.

We partner with best-of-breed vendors who share our vision of delivering advanced cybersecurity solutions to the enterprise.

Easily Integrate Third-Party Software

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity’s Event Sink system allows you to easily integrate third-party software. The system has been designed to be both flexible and functional enough to support a broad range of integrations without the need for code customization.

Each Event Sink is a registered listener that takes a specific action when one or more events occur. The Event Sink can be configured to respond to a single event, a range of events, or multiple ranges of events. Event Sink notifications can be used to tie Privileged Identity into problem tracking systems by generating events, COM calls, or RCP calls to the tracking application.

The Event Sink system also provides for alerting and notifications. Actions include log files, events, COM calls, named pipes, registry listeners, and email.

Integrate Privileged Identity with Your Environment