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Improve Remote Access Productivity Without Exposing Credentials

Credential Injection™ gives users the system access they need without revealing plain text credentials and passwords, which are commonly phished.

Users simply select from a list of credentials that have privileges on the systems they’re approved to access.

Credential Injection enables your organization to:

  • Eliminate the need to store and track shared credentials manually
  • Improve productivity and time to resolution by streamlining access to shared passwords - no more sticky notes!
  • Mask plain text credentials and passwords from technicians so they can’t be phished or stolen
  • Eliminate a very common and profitable attack pathway for hackers

Credential Injection™ Works With Many Types of Accounts

  • Windows Domain Accounts
  • Local Windows Account
  • Website Accounts
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • Linux
  • SSH Keys
  • Cisco
  • MySQL
  • Telnet
  • Mac
  • IaaS account (Privileged Access Only)