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Risks of Unmanaged Application Passwords

Absent proactive security controls and hard-coded application credentials present an elevated security risk. These passwords may seldom change and can become known to more and more individuals over time – making them an easy target for abuse.

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity manages application passwords across your cross-platform enterprise. Unique for its ability to secure embedded privileged account credentials throughout your application tiers, Privileged Identity helps you replace hard-coded passwords found in the widest range of applications with cryptographically secure, frequently changing credentials.

Securing Application Credentials

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity continuously secures embedded passwords in web application tiers, packaged software programs, line-of-business applications, custom programs and more. It automatically changes embedded passwords according to rules that you define for complexity and change frequency. It then synchronizes the changes across interdependent tiers to prevent lockouts and service disruptions.

Because Privileged Identity issues application credentials programmatically, and enrolls new assets immediately, you’ll avoid service lockouts while closing a significant security hole on your network.

Sychronize Changes Across Applications Tiers

Customize more with the BeyondTrust Privileged Identity SDK

Applications run the SDK client code when needed to retrieve current credential information programmatically, over an encrypted connection, from BeyondTrust Privileged Identity’s secure data store.The SDK also enables newly deployed systems, as well as remote and offline systems, running your applications to register programmatically with BeyondTrust. This allows you to enforce password security policies immediately upon deployment of your new systems.

The SDK is offered in multiple formats including Web Services provided as SOAP/WSDL and REST/JSON, as well as PowerShell. It runs only when needed to enable client access. It supports PKI, integrated authentication, and other methods to operate with virtually any authentication environment.