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Cindy Provin, CEO, nCipher Security

Whether we’re accessing our emails, checking our bank accounts or paying our bills, passwords remain at the forefront of our identification. However, as long as we still rely on passwords as a means of accessing our most important information and applications, so will cybercriminals.

This tsunami of passwords that now exists across every aspect of our digital lives – both personally and professionally – has left us drowning in information that we are struggling to secure. With a thriving underground industry of hackers going to extreme lengths in order to get their hands on these credentials, both businesses and consumers need to be doing more to minimise the dependence and exposure of passwords.

For organisations, this means implementing techniques such as certificate based authentication or transparent database encryption to ensure passwords are as secure as possible. For consumers, it requires using a variety of unique and random passwords for every different application or website. It also involves an understanding of which credentials are being stored on which devices and therefore how they might be vulnerable. Read more..