According to 2006 research done by Harris Interactive, customers view good service as even more important than good products. However, the globalization of corporations and the workforce, the advanced applications now in use by workers and customers, and regulatory compliance issues have added complexity to support and security that has already disrupted business operations. PC remote desktop control and support has been the favorite of tech support professionals for years and is quickly becoming the most viable model. A recent webcast, Remote Support: How Secure are You?, details the security and service problems and solutions in remote support, and is now available on-demand.

Harris Interactive researchers asked respondents to prioritize several factors that influence customer loyalty. Good customer service was ranked as extremely important by 52% of the respondents, good products was at 51%, good price at 38%, and good reputation at 30%.

How is good service measured? According to research by the Services and Support Professionals Association (SSPA), the most important factor is timely and consistent response. Quality and speed of response in critical situations ranks as number two.

Despite the recognized need for good customer service, a BPM Forum study found that corporations do not feel they’re making the grade. Over 55% of IT managers and professionals rated their support at C-grade or lower, and 40% had already suffered business disruptions as a result.

SSPA research backs that up. Those using phone support say they get what they need less than half the time, only 42% of electronic submittals are resolved on first contact, and 46% of customers say they get what they need from a company’s website. Service and support have a long way to go.

Gartner reported in April, 2004 that tech support professionals rank being able to control an end-users PC as the #1 remote support technology. They said it is the easiest model to use and is the most effective.

The webcast, Remote Support: How Secure are You?, is presented by a team of seasoned professionals - Bill Rose, Service and Support Professional Association Founder and Executive Director, Nathan McNeill, Co-Founder and Product Manager for NetworkStreaming, and Chuck Deaton, IT Security Manager for Humana, Inc. Watch the webcast to find out how to improve customer service, satisfy security requirements, and reduce the cost of remote desktop control support.

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