Understanding The Implications of the Fastbooking.com… | BeyondTrust

SC Media reported yesterday that hundreds of hotels suffered data breaches after hackers exploited a flaw in the popular travel website, FastBooking.com. Impacts included the theft of more than 124,000 customer records from Prince Hotels and many other similar serious breaches. We asked several leading cybersecurity experts for their views on what made the attack possible and what could be done to avoid such catastrophic incidents in the future.

According to Sam Elliott, director of security product management at Bomgar, the FastBooking breach represented yet another event caused by unpatched systems, where an attacker was able to exploit a vulnerable web application. “This is a reminder of the importance of keeping up with security patches as they are released. Given the high profile of the Equifax breach, it is disheartening to see yet another theft of personal information due to a fixable issue.” Read more.