Recent Breaches Show Third-Party Attacks Is The New Hack | BeyondTrust

Most organizations today view the question of being hacked as not if, but when. Cybercriminals are adapting and evolving how they breach enterprises, and are more targeted than ever in stealing the highest-value information from an organization—from sensitive documents to personal banking information to new episodes of a hit show.

The recent ransomware attack against producers of Orange is The New Black occurred when hackers obtained the media content by hacking one of the  show’s third-party post-production vendor. This pattern of attacking  weak surrounding parties to go after high-profile targets has proven to  be increasingly more common in the entertainment industry. The recent Orange is The New Black breach
demonstrates why third-party security remains a particular challenge  for all organizations, even for the largest brands with the most robust  security budgets and policies. The true challenge of protecting critical systems lies in the difficult task of balancing security with
productivity, speed, and efficiency. Read more.