BeyondTrust released new features and enhancements for BeyondTrust Remote Support. Version 22.1 enables quick and secure access to fix remote devices anywhere running on any platform. BeyondTrust Remote Support strengthens an organization’s ability to support users in the permanently expanded remote workforce, where many traditional IT troubleshooting methods for devices (offline or online) are no longer an option. The latest features and enhancements help service desks increase operational efficiency, with reduced downtime and lower costs.

“Support teams need administrative access to a wide array of desktops and critical systems to accomplish their job,” said Tal Guest, Director of Product Management at BeyondTrust. “The security of their remote access tools is crucial for protecting their network from threats and meeting compliance regulations. BeyondTrust Remote Support advances an organization’s ability to consolidate and standardize service desk support in one solution to improve admin productivity, while reducing security risks.”

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