Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) March 21, 2006 - A recent survey published by Tech Republic reveals that while 75 percent of those surveyed see extending their business applications to mobile and remote workforces as a high priority, there are still many technical problems to overcome.

The February, 2006 survey of 370 IT and business professionals from a cross-section of industries was designed to discover information about current practices regarding mobile and remote workforces, what it takes to make the business case for extending applications to these workforces, and the challenges involved in doing so.

Per the survey results, only 18 percent of respondents have made all their applications available to their mobile or remote workforce to date, but 63 percent agree that extending applications is critical to maintaining their organization’s competitive edge. The top three perceived benefits are access to real-time information, improving decision-making agility, and improving employee satisfaction.

Companies’ biggest challenges are concerns over security and compliance, capital expenditures, and the expense of ongoing technical support. Managing and supporting extended applications is also a serious concern.

Questions about the ability of in-house vs. ASP deployment to resolve these challenges revealed a perception that the ASP model is less expensive in terms of upfront costs, overhead and maintenance.

However, Network Streaming’s SupportDesk - an appliance-based remote support solution - flies in the face of this perception. Although the upfront costs are higher, many of their customers say they have realized ROI within just three months - not three years. Their customer/remote workforce satisfaction has also taken a big jump because the solution allows a help desk tech or IT to connect to any PC anywhere within 10 seconds, and requires no one to be at the remote computer after the initial connection. This allows technicians to quickly and efficiently give support to the remote user, and to update and push out software applications.

The respondents’ number one issue, security, is also addressed with SupportDesk. The appliance arrives at your company as a secure device, and then resides there under your already-established security measures. The administrator has granular control of the privileges allowed each remote support rep, and the entire datastream is secured by heavy compression and 256 SSL AES encryption. No customer data is routed through a third party, and there is no centralized data to access. And, as no elements of the application are left in place after the session, neither end is left open to a security breach. SupportDesk fully protects data within the company and at mobile and remote workforce locations.

For information on Bomgar’s remote desktop support appliance, go to https://www.bomgar.com.