Securing the Internet of Everything | BeyondTrust

The introduction of connected devices is complicating an already incredibly complex security environment for infosec professionals. In just two decades, the enterprise has gone from a controlled scenario of one device per user to a situation in which users may have five or more devices connected to sensitive systems and applications. As the IoT becomes more popular it will soon be impossible to quantify just how many internet-enabled, vulnerable points exist within an organization.  

In this environment it’s essential that security be a top consideration. Seemingly every day a new story appears about a company falling victim to a data breach, the ramifications of which can be crippling to the business. Most recently, KrebsOnSecurity was hit by a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that’s been reported to be the largest in history. Reports state that the botnet used in the attack consisted of IoT devices such as webcams and routers that are exposed to the internet and protected with default or weak credentials. Although the attack was not successful, it still raises the importance of network security and password security. Read more.