• Bomgar Remote Support offers the most secure screen sharing capabilities for supporting iPads and iPhones running iOS 11.
  • Technicians can now see the full iOS screen and chat with the end user - expanding services and speeding troubleshooting - while improving privacy and compliance.

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Atlanta, GA – October 23, 2017 – Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today introduced the most secure screen sharing software for Apple iOS devices, enabling support and service professionals to securely see and administer remote iPhones and iPads in real time. Bomgar has combined its unmatched security capabilities with its enterprise-leading mobile support features to provide the most advanced and secure iOS screen sharing solution on the market. Support teams can now view the screen of any iPhone or iPad from their desktop or mobile device, allowing them to address the increasing demand for supporting iOS devices, while improving privacy and compliance. The new feature is immediately available for devices running iOS 11 and the latest Bomgar iOS Customer Client app.

Bomgar is leveraging Apple’s new iOS 11 screen recording and broadcast capabilities to allow real-time screen sharing with iOS devices. Once an end-user downloads the Bomgar app from the App Store, and enables and starts broadcasting, a support technician using Bomgar Remote Support can see the full screen and chat with the end user. The Bomgar app includes customizable text agreements and support tool prompting that requires an end-user to consent to screen sharing before the session starts. Bomgar also captures a full audit trail—including a video recording—of every iOS screen sharing session to store and track exactly what the technician viewed and any actions taken by the end-user during the session. These exclusive features enable organizations to better protect their user’s privacy and meet compliance regulations, such as GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA.

“Security, privacy, and trust are of the utmost importance when viewing an end-user’s screen, especially when you’re accessing their mobile device,” said Donald Hasson, director of ITSM product management, Bomgar. “As more and more workers rely on Apple devices, support and service organizations are being overloaded with requests to support them. Companies shouldn’t allow their support teams to access mobile devices using unsecured or free screen sharing tools that open the door to security and privacy issues. With iOS 11 and the enhanced Bomgar app, our customers can now respond to this demand with the most comprehensive and secure remote support capabilities for iOS devices, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems.”

Full iOS screen sharing builds upon Bomgar’s advanced iOS remote support capabilities. With Bomgar InSight, support professionals can access the iPhone or iPad camera to troubleshoot remote hardware or other physical devices, seeing exactly what the end-user sees, while walking them through troubleshooting tasks via chat and on-screen annotations. Bomgar’s Embedded Remote App Support allows organizations to add remote support capabilities directly to their custom apps to view and support specific apps, while protecting privacy by restricting access to the entire device.

Bomgar’s Secure Access solutions enable service desks and support centers to access and fix nearly any remote device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world. Technicians using Bomgar can quickly connect to, view, and control remote systems and devices, chat and collaborate with end-users or other technicians, all while improving remote access security.

For more information about Bomgar’s iOS screen sharing and other Apple iOS support capabilities, please visit: https://www.bomgar.com/remote-support/platforms/apple-ios.   

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