As more people use computers and the number of support incidents increases, tech support representatives are strained to respond to requests for remote support. NetworkStreaming provides faster and easier solutions that reduce time per session.

Unlike many remote support products, which require software installations on the remote computer, NetworkStreaming’s SupportDeskTM runs a small file to establish a connection. Within 10 seconds the support rep is on the customer’s computer. This easy and reliable connection often saves 10 - 30 minutes per session. NetworkStreaming also offers a rare security measure - because session traffic is outbound from both the support rep’s computer and the remote PC, no firewall configuration or port forwarding is required. After the session, SupportDeskTM‘s automatic uninstall leaves no footprint.

The stable connection NetworkStreaming offers also enables remote support reps to reboot a computer without losing connection to the remote PC. “Most remote PC control software that claims a reboot/auto reconnect feature requires someone on the remote computer to log in to reestablish a connection.” says Director of IT, Chris Gurley. “The reboot/auto reconnect feature on SupportDeskTM establishes the connection before the login screen appears. No one needs to be present at the remote desktop.”

As the 3rd largest on-demand software company in the market, NetworkStreaming is continuing to develop fast and easy-to-use PC remote control software.

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