Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) July 19, 2006 - The latest damage estimates for Hurricane Katrina total $81 billion, although that does not include the $4.6 billion revenue loss. The disaster recovery industry, which only a decade ago fought an uphill battle convincing companies that it could happen to them, started burgeoning growth after 9/11.

Any lingering disbelievers got a wake-up call with the 2005 hurricane season, and the threats are now being taken seriously: the payrolls of IT firms offering disaster recovery services grew 6.8% from November 2004 through November 2005, compared to that of other IT service firms, which grew by only 2.8%. One of the biggest problems for companies affected by Katrina and other natural disasters is supporting their customers and remote workers in non-affected areas. When your own help desk or corporate offices are flooded or without power, the remote support appliance model may be the answer.

WechTECH, Inc. a South Florida-based company providing network services and solutions to a wide range of industries, tried numerous software and hardware remote support solutions in a effort to find one that was secure, easy for their remote customers to use, and provided fast resolution to client’s problems so they could get back onto production.

WechTECH guarantees a four-hour turnaround on technical issues, and, with NetworkStreaming’s remote support solution, is usually able to resolve the problems within 20 to 30 minutes.

Because of their location in South Florida, WechTECH was unfortunately in the path of Hurricane Wilma when the storm hit in October 2005. Wechsler said, “We had a two week period without power after Hurricane Wilma. Brian White, a customer service representative at NetworkStreaming, contacted me and helped me get back online with their hosted remote control service, when my primary office was without power. Although it was impossible for me to personally visit clients, due to inclement weather and closed roads, I was able to resume technical support with my remote appliance - hence keep my business up and running.”

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