(PRWEB) September 14, 2006 - The positive results of several studies regarding employee satisfaction and productivity of the remote and mobile workforce have spurred the growth of remote access services and products. However, per IDC, last year’s hurricane season and the recent airline terrorist scare have put another spin on the subject - remote access is not just a wise business move, it’s a vital necessity in the face of disaster. In fact, as we saw earlier in August with the airlines, even the threat of disaster can disrupt business continuity. Remote access is quickly becoming indispensable, and is placing unprecedented demand on IT budgets. NetworkStreaming’s remote support solutions reduce the monetary strain.

According to the recent IDC study, Worldwide Remote Access Services 2006-2010 Forecast and 2005 Vendor Shares, the potential of remote access is now being recognized as crucial for business continuity. Vendors are pushing to market their products to corporations, and can expect a year-over-year growth rate of 34% through 2010.

Stacy Sudan, research analyst in IDC’s Mobile Software research program, stated in a recent IDC press release that enabling workers to access their office desktop from a Web browser allows them to be productive no matter what the situation, and regardless of their location. Remote support of these workers will place additional strain on already tight IT budgets. A service and support metrics survey conducted by supportindustry.com revealed that 77 percent of IT executives who participated in the survey experienced increased demand for support services in 2005, but 42 percent of the budgets stayed the same or decreased. ITs are already scrambling to deliver support services.

However, a recent comparative cost analysis of NetworkStreaming’s remote support solutions revealed that IT execs may be able to give the support needed within the current budget, and may even be able to lower existing costs despite increased demand - leaving more room in the budget for other expenses that will need to be incurred in the move to provide remote access to more employees. Per the costing analysis, the total cost of ownership of NetworkStreaming’s SupportDesk is lower than any other remote desktop support solution on the market.

As always, security is also of primary concern. NetworkStreaming’s solutions have been designed and implemented with security best practices in mind. A recent Product Penetration Assessment conducted by Symantec revealed no vulnerabilities within SupportDesk 9’s remote support application or environment.

For information on Bomgar’s remote desktop support appliance, go to https://www.bomgar.com.