In an article posted earlier in the month, I discussed some findings from a recent survey my company conducted, along with GigaOM Pro and Isurus Market Research & Consulting, to better understand Millennials' technology needs in the workplace. Overall, the research found that this new generation of workers does not pose the support nightmare for IT that has been previously suggested. While they do expect a near instantaneous response when technology issues arise, they are also extremely self-sufficient and eager to understand the inner workings of their technologies. In this post, I'll elaborate on some of our additional research findings from the perspective of IT managers.

The biggest disparity that we found between what Millennials expect and what IT delivers is in tech support response time. Nearly 60% of the Millennials surveyed believe a response time of less than ten minutes is acceptable, however, only a quarter of IT managers said this expectation was consistent with their department's service levels. From IT management's perspective, support is often a matter of prioritization. For example, an outage affecting multiple users will likely get fixed within the desired ten minute window, but an individual user experiencing issues with email may face a longer wait time. Read more