They're the scourge of all upstanding IT organizations, a blight on our best efforts to ensure security, compliance, and order. These 20-something IT natives have no regard for technology policies or best practices—they make the Lord Of The Flies crew look like a platoon of Eagle Scouts. They're not only dismissive of the IT establishment, but they're also rude to their mothers. They're all tattoos and body piercings.

Meet the Millennials. Or at least our crudest stereotypes of them.

Oh, wait—you mean this generation of IT and social renegades isn't quite so "different" from the rest of us after all? In fact, new research from GigaOM Pro and Isurus Market Research & Consulting, sponsored by IT support vendor Bomgar, suggests the Millennials have more respect for the IT organization than most of us give them credit for. Read more