RIDGELAND,  Miss. – Bomgar Corporation today announced a new version of its appliance-based remote support software that includes deeper Mac support functionality and IT productivity tools.  Bomgar 10.3 equips IT technicians with the industry’s most robust technology for enterprise help desk incident resolution. Used by organizations such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),  Humana and Johns Hopkins University, Bomgar provides IT help desks a universal support platform to securely remote control any computer for on-demand troubleshooting despite location, operating system or language.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance, 74 percent of organizations intend to keep their Macs and buy additional devices in the future. It is unclear how IT help desks will handle the increased number of Mac support issues with traditional remote control desktop tools as the majority are applicable only for PCs.  To ensure consistent, and quality, end-user tech support across all computing devices, organizations need a universal remote support platform that can scale to address a variety of issues.

“We have a large group of students, faculty and staff at MIT,  approximately 23,000, that use a diverse range of computer systems,”  said Chuck King, Desktop Deployment and Maintenance Team Lead within the central Information Services & Technology (IS&T) department at MIT. “With the growing number of overall Mac users on campus, we were delighted that Bomgar had multiple operating system support, as well as an easy-to-use interface for both the end users and consultants who provide the assistance.  Also, Bomgar’s appliance-based solution and fast ROI was essential in justifying the cost of enhancing our IT support operations.”

Delivered in a secure appliance, the Bomgar Box™ allows IT reps to securely access attended and unattended computing devices, regardless of firewalls, for efficient troubleshooting.  It is the industry’s only enterprise remote support platform that can address IT issues on a Windows, Vista, WindowsMobile, Mac, Linux or Blackberry operating system. Audited by Symantec, Bomgar also includes critical features,  such as user authentication and session logging/ reporting, that support an organization’s overall security and compliance policies.

“Gartner has seen the appliance model gain traction, especially among large organizations and clients in regulated industries,” said Terrence Cosgrove, a Gartner senior analyst. “More than 70 percent of large enterprises will use Internet-enabled remote-control tools by 2012 and we anticipate the overall market to experience a 20 to 25 percent year-on-year growth.”

Bomgar helps enterprises of all sizes better manage and resolve costly technology issues that cycle through the help desk.  With the new features of Bomgar 10.3, the company continues to lead innovation in the enterprise remote support market. The following features are a few core capabilities added to the platform based on customer feedback:

  • Mac System Information: Bomgar 10.3 includes new front-end Mac systems information that allows support reps to quickly scan the dashboard to dig deep into hardware or network configuration details. With one click, support reps engaged in a Mac support session can easily access the granular systems information to solve common technical issues on a Mac that would otherwise take a significant amount of time to troubleshoot with traditional PC-based tools.
  • Click-to-Chat: The new click-to-chat feature enables an end-user to initiate a conversation with a support rep instantly from the Web, without any download. The flash-based customer chat client runs in a browser, enabling the rep to give the user directions or transfer the user to the appropriate queue before any software is installed.
  • Canned Scripts: Canned scripts help demanding IT call centers better respond to common support issues. Bomgar reps can upload scripts for use within a remote support session. The rep simply selects the appropriate script from a list and runs it through Bomgar’s command line interface. Scripts can save the support center thousands of hours that would have been spent doing manual diagnosis and repair.

Specifications and Availability

Bomgar 10.3 is software designed to run on the Bomgar Box and is currently available today.  Technical specifications can be found on the website at www.bomgar.com/10.