New, free tool helps to find, profile and report on privilege security gaps.

PHOENIX, May 18, 2016 – BeyondTrust, the leading cyber security company dedicated to preventing privilege abuse and stopping unauthorized access, today announced the new free PowerBroker Privilege Discovery and Reporting Tool (DART). Privilege DART scans the IT infrastructure to find, profile and report on user credentials and SSH keys to help security teams quickly identify and take control of privileged account risks.

Unsecured privileged accounts place organizations at risk for a potentially costly data breach. In fact, according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, legitimate user credentials were used in most data breaches, with some 63% of them using weak, default, or stolen passwords. But, most organizations don’t have the time, budget or manpower to quickly scan their environments to determine where their biggest privilege account risks might be. Privilege DART is a free utility that quickly finds, profiles and reports on user accounts, SSH keys, default or hard-coded passwords, assets and more across any sized IT environment. Able to run on any desktop, the Privilege DART displays key metrics in an easy-to-read dashboard, and provides simple reporting for executive stakeholders and auditors.

Key capabilities and benefits include:

  • Finds and counts user accounts, local accounts, SSH keys, Windows and Linux groups, default and hard-coded passwords, and more, reducing risk and ensuring that no accounts, users, or assets are left unsecured.
  • Displays high-level metrics on password strength, age and other key indicators of risk in a dashboard format for fast review and analysis by stakeholders.
  • Generates an easy-to-read, customized HTML or Excel-based report, helping security leaders make informed decisions on how to immediately reduce the risks to privileged access.
  • Provides the ability to export data via XML into PowerBroker Password Safe for complete privileged account management.

“The old adage goes, ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure.’ But when it comes to privileged access, you can’t secure what you can’t find. And with the majority of data breaches happening because of a compromise of privileged credentials, the ability to quickly determine risky accounts is so important,” said Brad Hibbert, CTO at BeyondTrust. “Privilege DART was created to simplify that discovery and reporting at every level, from the security admin to the CIO.”

Privilege DART will be available May 18. For more information, please visit

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