How to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals | BeyondTrust

The re-emergence of the OilRig hacker group, in light of the WannaCry ransomware, highlights that the focus of cybercriminals is to continuously developing to keep up with defence strategies. According to Bomgar, it is paramount that organisations integrate regular security training to their workforce to effectively educate staff and ensure they are aware of tactics used by recent campaigns to target systems.

Throughout April and May 2017, security experts across multiple industries noted that they had been fending off a number of hacking attempts that ran over an 18-day period. Once analysed further, the code used in these attacks was identified as being very similar to that which had previously been used in a damaging cyber-attack on the Ukraine's infrastructure in 2015, leaving more than 230,000 residents without power. This was the first time an attack had been detected where cyber criminals based in Iran were collaborating with Russian hackers-for-hire. Read more..