How Employee Behaviour Can Ensure Cybersecurity Success | BeyondTrust

The average person today has become profoundly more technical, utilising a variety of devices, technologies and cloud solutions in their daily lives. Whether a person is backing up photos to iCloud or logging into social media from an iPad or smartphone, the average security perimeter of an individual has moved far beyond email address, laptops and a favourite website. As it continues to evolve, it is becoming more fragmented and fluid.

When using a mobile device or a digital-service outside of work, a person’s attitude and risk awareness is generally quite lax due to the relationship exchange in that scenario. An individual would exchange access to services in return for basic information and email addresses. However, when that same individual sets foot inside the workplace, the availability and continued integration of technology means that he or she may still behave the same way, willing to exchange basic corporate information in “return” for access to content or services. This could lead to cutting corners and in some instances acting before thinking. Read more