Postmortem of almost every terror attack leads to a catalogue of YouTube channels, online guides on making explosives and a veritable smorgasbord of information for budding terrorists. After the London Bridge attack, it even emerged that the perpetrators tried to rent a 7.5 ton truck online, failing only when their card payment didn't go through.

In the aftermath of the Westminster Bridge attack, it was revealed how the attacker used the messaging service WhatsApp until moments before ploughing into tourists. This, of course, led to 'words' between the Government and technology companies, who each tried to place the blame squarely at the  other's door. UK's Home Secretary Amber Rudd insisted it was the tech companies who were at fault for not building in backdoors into their management systems, providing access for law enforcement officials when the need arose. Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the other hand insisted that no such backdoors be built into systems. "If encryption were not a thing then huge amounts of modern life would be impossible. If you put a hole in encryption – if you decide WhatsApp shouldn't be secure – then you do that to everything else that is equivalent to WhatsApp you'd have a battle in which you would have a huge number of disasters," Berners-Lee told WIRED. Read more..