Webcast details the how to integrate your service and support processes with ITIL standards

As Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) hits the top of many organizations’ priority lists in 2008, business leaders are anxious to see tangible business value out of their ITIL investments. However, practical advice on how to use ITIL to drive near-term business value is often hard to find. The ITIL Imperative: Accelerate from Strategy to Value in ‘08, a webcast featuring SSPA, BMC Software and BomgarTM, the maker of the only appliance-based remote access software solution, will teach you how to turn your ITIL strategy into a profitable reality.

ITIL - a set of standards for common IT and customer processes, including support - has become the industry standard for IT service management and has been adopted by hundreds of organizations around the world. Business leaders are anxious to see tangible value out of their ITIL investments.

Bomgar partnered with BMC Software in October 2007 to provide BMC integration for Bomgar’s enterprise customers wishing to launch a remote desktop connection directly from their BMC solution.

Accelerating ITIL efforts at the service desk can help companies realize lower support costs, higher first call resolution rates, and an improved customer experience.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently evaluated Bomgar’s remote access software’s ITIL-readiness. According to EMA, “Bomgar Corporation takes ITIL to the next level by accelerating key IT service management processes. Through its unique approach to remote support, the Bomgar BoxTM accelerates ITIL Incident Management and Problem Management diagnosis, resolution, routing, and knowledge management TM and offers dramatic reductions in Incident and Problem resolution times.”

In Bomgar’s latest webcast, John Ragsdale, VP of Research, SSPA, will discuss why ITIL is such a hot topic for SSPA member companies, Doug Bagley, Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO, for BMC Software will review the role ITIL plays in service automation, and Bomgar Corporation’s CEO & Founder, Joel Bomgar, will discuss how the right remote access software solution can accelerate your ability to drive near-term value from your ITIL initiatives.

Tune in to The ITIL Imperative: Accelerate from Strategy to Value in ‘08 on Thursday, January 24 at 11am PT / 2pm ET to learn how to move your ITIL process from strategy to value in 2008 with Bomgar’s remote access software.

For more information on how ITIL integration can help you more rapidly resolve incidents, decrease on-site dispatches, increase first call resolution rates and improve the overall customer experience with Bomgar’s unique appliance-based remote control software solution, watch the webcast, or visit the Bomgar website.