BeyondInsight analytics for advanced cyber threat detection and response enhance FireEye’s security platform

PHOENIX, April 11, 2016 – BeyondTrust, the leading cyber security company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorized access, announced today that the company has joined FireEye’s Cyber Security Coalition (CSC). Designed to enhance the abilities of joint customers to more quickly detect and respond to cyber threats, FireEye has opened its Global Threat Management Platform to select technology partners, including BeyondTrust.

BeyondTrust’s BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform will integrate with FireEye’s Global Threat Management Platform, providing asset and user intelligence collectively so customers can:

  • Reduce user and asset based risk by identifying abnormal behavior based on activity and risk assessments.
  • Address security exposures across complex IT infrastructures from on premise to the cloud.
  • Comply with internal, industry, and government mandates for privileged usage and asset security.

“The growing complexity of cybersecurity and protecting against advanced threats has made the work of security professionals increasingly complex, as more technologies and resulting alerts overwhelm their time and resources,” said Ed Barry, VP, Cyber Security Coalition, FireEye. “By teaming with BeyondTrust and our other partners to develop integrations that work with the FireEye Global Threat Management Platform, our customers’ security teams can focus on the real job of detecting, responding to, and resolving real threats faster and more rapidly.”

“FireEye’s Cyber Security Coalition gives BeyondTrust the strategic opportunity to join forces with one of the most trusted and recognized names in security to reduce our customers’ attack surface and respond to qualified threats,” said Joseph Schramm, VP of Strategic Alliances, BeyondTrust. “BeyondInsight’s ability to detect security exposures across large, diverse IT environments will aid FireEye and BeyondTrust customers alike to stay vigilant in the face of growing cyber threats. We look forward to sharing our unique security insights with FireEye, and to provide our customers with new, integrated methods of information protection.”

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About BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is a global cyber security software company that helps organizations prevent cyber attacks and unauthorized data access due to privilege abuse. Our solutions give you the visibility to confidently reduce risks and the control to take proactive, informed action against data breach threats. And because threats can come from anywhere, we built a platform that unifies the most effective technologies for addressing both internal and external risk: Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Management. Our solutions grow with your needs, making sure you maintain control no matter where your company goes. BeyondTrust’s security solutions are trusted by over 4,000 customers worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100. To learn more about BeyondTrust, please visit