Evolving face of cyber crime: Unsecured vendor access… | BeyondTrust

The evolution of cybercrime is multi-faceted – from targeted spam and phishing attacks, to insider threats and third party vendor access. It’s becoming a knotty network that’s increasingly difficult for CIOs, CISOs, and IT managers in organisations of all sizes to appraise and manage.

Despite awareness of vendor vulnerabilities there’s a gap in many organisations’ ability to limit their exposure to cyber-attacks that stem from hackers piggy backing on third-party vendor access. Third-party vendors play a vital and growing role in supporting organisations’ systems, applications, and devices. Recent research from Bomgar[1] revealed that on average 89 third-party vendors access a typical company’s network each week, and that number is likely to grow. Three quarters (75 percent) of those polled stated the number of third-party vendors used by their organisation has increased in the last two years, and 71 percent believe the numbers will continue to increase in the next two years. Full story..