Disney has become the latest company to come under threat from hackers over an early release of one of their movies, but it’s the response to the potential leak that’s most interesting. Mainly because it’s eerily similar to the response that Netflix gave to hackers when the fifth season of Orange is the New Black came under attack.

Go ahead.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told press on Monday that Disney wasn’t going to cooperate with hackers and would not give in to any kind of demand. He added the company was working with federal authorities, but wouldn’t go into much more detail about the investigation. Again, what’s most interesting about Iger’s words is what wasn’t said: Disney wasn’t interested in stopping the early release of its film, which is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, according to the Los Angeles Times.

When Netflix was hit with a similar threat from a hacker, who goes by the name thedarkoverlord, the company issued a statement confirming it was adamant it wasn’t going to give in to their demands. Like Disney, the company said it was going to work with federal investigators, but made no attempt to try and stop the leak beyond that. Read more.