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In the BeyondTrust 2019 Privileged Access Threat Report, 60% of those surveyed in the manufacturing sector cited that IoT devices were a threat to their security. IoT growth poses huge unknown risks to enterprises. Will businesses be able to cope in this new threat landscape? What should be their best course of action?

The security risks of connected devices

Unfortunately, security for IoT devices is lacklustre, to say the least. Connected devices are not designed with security in mind, they are instead designed to make life easy. While products like a Wi-Fi kettle or Wi-Fi fridge are indeed great additions to any home or workplace, they can be insecure by design.

The exponential growth of IoT devices and risks associated with the ever-growing ‘security perimeter’ means the attack surface is increasing at an alarming rate. As connected devices continue to be added to organisations’ networks and infrastructures, it makes it difficult to for IT teams to discover and understand the full environment. Just think how easy it is to bring in a connected device like a Wi-Fi enabled speaker to work and plug in and play. Read more..