Could Apple learn a few cyber security tips from its… | BeyondTrust

Apple's intended September surprise got off to a bad start after a company insider leaked out almost everything there is to know about the company's anniversary edition iPhone. The Apple leak fiasco reminds us how mighty technology firms, and the data they hold, continue to remain vulnerable to insider threat.

Apple is slated to celebrate the iPhone's 10th birthday at a glittering ceremony at Steve Jobs Theatre this evening- an event that will be broadcasted across the globe to millions of Apple fans and interested onlookers. The main attraction at the event will be the iPhone X: a supposed technology marvel whose secrets weren't supposed to be known until the launch ceremony.

However, as it turns out, there'll be very little Tim Cook will get to say tonight that a lot of Apple fans wouldn't already know. During the weekend, an Apple insider shared a list of secret URLs with 9to5Mac and MacRumors that contained details about the new iPhone, accessories and other features that the new devices would come with. Read more..