IT Security is evolving at a rapid pace. From protecting their networks against malware, to meeting complex compliance regulations, to securing employees’ mobile devices and more, security professionals now have far wider remits to consider.

Traditionally, security professionals have focused on developing policies and best practices that can be applied across the business. But it’s extremely challenging to actually implement those policies not only across the business units, but also within the IT department itself.

How vulnerable is remote access technology?

Take remote access technology for example. This is an essential tool for remote working and there are typically policies in place around how workers can connect to corporate IT systems and data when not in the office. However, in many organisations, I have seen IT teams circumvent those policies and best practices in order to access computers remotely for troubleshooting purposes. One IT department in a financial services company was using ten different remote access tools within its team undermining the security policies set in place by its own department. Read more.