Are you overlooking the chink in your cybersecurity… | BeyondTrust

IT professionals must have a clear view of every device in their networks and ensure that no element of the environment is overlooked. In a landscape full of high-profile data breaches, such as Yahoo and Tesco Bank, we’re seeing more and more organisations looking to bolster their defences in order to protect their business critical assets. However, are organisations overlooking the smaller, intermediate devices in their network that could provide an access point for the craftier cybercriminal?

One example would be that of water pumps in flood defences, which might seem a non-obvious point of entry. However, industrial processes and individual water pumps are increasingly becoming internet-enabled so they can be controlled from one central point in the network. One compromised pump on its own may not change the world, however if a series of these could be controlled, not only could this prove disastrous to the community the plant serves, but if the infrastructure is not protected at every level, this small, intermediate pump could become a gateway, granting access all the way up to sensitive data and mission controls. Read more..