RIDGELAND, Miss. - December 15, 2008 - Bomgar Corporation today announced support for Blackberry mobile devices with the latest version of the Bomgar Box, a leading appliance-based remote support solution used by several large enterprises, including Tennant Company and Novell. Remote support technology simplifies the way users receive tech support. Bomgar’s new release allows IT to securely deliver anytime, anywhere assistance - a core capability to ensure mobile workforce productivity. Despite the advantages of mobility, security is a top concern as research shows remote access and control software was used in more than 40 percent of data breaches between 2004 and 2007.

Blackberry is entrenched in the enterprise; 58 percent of its 19 million subscribers use its mobile devices to stay connected to work. As such, organizations need a secure enterprise support platform to manage the growing number of mobile device users and minimize threats posed by some remote access technologies. Bomgar Corporation provides the market’s first appliance-based remote support solution, which was purpose-built to offer the enterprise unparalleled security and total cost of ownership by eliminating monthly service fees. Audited by Symantec, Bomgar includes critical features, such as user authentication and session logging/reporting, that support an organization’s overall security and compliance policies.

“In order to keep up with customer demands and needs, it is critical that our mobile workforce be able to communicate back to engineers and development. As a support organization, the technology we equip them with must be easily supported as well. Bomgar gives us the assurance that we can keep our mobile workforce productive and in touch as needed,” said Joel Smollen, Director Infrastructure & Architecture, Tennant Company.

Another key feature of Bomgar 10.2 is its out-of-the-box integration with HP Service Manager. Organizations using HP Service Manager, or BMC Remedy, as a service desk application can harness the IT automation benefits that result from aligning help desk functions with critical IT service desk processes. The unified platform tracks and records all remote support session activity that occurs when a trouble ticket is open, providing key details to improve incident resolution close rates and long-term service desk efficiencies.

Bomgar helps organizations meet the challenges associated with greater workplace mobility. A multi-platform help desk solution, the Bomgar Box enables IT reps to securely connect to users on a variety of computing systems through the Internet for immediate tech support, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Smartphones. In addition to supporting Blackberry 4.2.2 through current versions, Bomgar’s latest software release features tools for standardizing how users access help when needed.

“As a result of the increased support demands organizations face in managing mobile workers, the market is expanding for the remote control desktop products that help IT reach remote users outside the corporate network,” said Terrence Cosgrove, a Gartner senior analyst. “More than 70 percent of large enterprises will use Internet-enabled remote-control tools by 2012 and we anticipate the overall market to experience a 20 to 25 percent year-on-year growth [Gartner “The Next Generation of Remote-Control Tools is Emerging” by David M. Coyle and Terrence Cosgrove October 17, 2008 ].”

The Bomgar Box allows IT reps to securely access attended and unattended computing devices, regardless of firewalls, to troubleshoot system issues or use for training purposes. Bomgar provides enterprises of all sizes with the resources required to identify and resolve costly technology and business issues that cycle through the help desk.

Specifications and Availability
Bomgar 10.2 is software designed to run on the Bomgar Box and is currently available today. Technical specifications can be found on the website at www.bomgar.com.