Bomgar Privileged Account Management and Vault is an agentless, proxy-based appliance that helps secure privileged account access and monitor systems accessed with those accounts. This product incorporates privileged session management with a secure password vault that ensures that privileged account passwords are secured and cannot be compromised by unauthorized individuals. The vault also can automatically rotate and randomize passwords to ensure all accounts stay secure on an ongoing basis. The secure remote access protocol that Bomgar uses can secure sessions through RDP, SSH and Telnet, allowing secure access to many types of applications.

Bomgar Privileged Access Management is deployed as an application proxy server and comes as a physical appliance, virtual appliance or cloud appliance. The proxy-based deployment allows for access to systems through a browser window without the need for agents. The system integrates directly with Active Directory or LDAP to set user and group access to credentials, as well as pull in systems to manage. We found the overall web-based management interface to be easy to navigate and well-organized. From the user side, the web-based user interface was intuitive and easy to navigate as well. For more advanced access, full thick client versions can provide more functionality than through a basic web session. The thick client also has built-in functionality to easily transfer files between the user and the endpoint and also directly restart or manage services. These additional functions are controlled by policy with Bomgar and activity is logged and can be reported. Read more.