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  • Bomgar Remote Support now integrates with Lionbridge’s GeoFluent to support real-time communication across more than 100 languages, reducing the cost and resource burden associated with multilingual support.
  • Multilingual chat enables companies to cost-effectively increase customer satisfaction and speed issue resolution by communicating in the end-users’ native language.

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ATLANTA, GA – September 29, 2017 – Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today announced the integration of Lionbridge’s GeoFluent with Bomgar Remote Support to alleviate language as a communication barrier in providing effective chat support. GeoFluent is Lionbridge’s customized, real-time translation solution that adds multilingual capabilities to organizations’ existing self-service and agent-assisted digital communications platforms, including chat, email, and ticketing. With the integration, Bomgar customers can now support real-time chat communication across more than 100 languages speeding time to resolution and improving the support experience for both end-users and representatives.

Most global businesses need to provide chat support to geographically dispersed end-users spanning multiple languages, but often each language segment is comprised of a small percentage of users. The cost of employing and training fulltime technicians fluent in every language is often prohibitive, yet support teams are expected to deliver translated support around the clock. The GeoFluent integration with Bomgar Remote Support enables companies to do this cost-effectively, increasing end-user satisfaction and resolution rates by communicating in customers’ native languages without adding an additional resource burden.

The chat translation happens in real time, allowing technicians to send and receive messages across more than 100 languages. Drawing on GeoFluent’s patented AI-based core that is customized and trained for each customer’s unique requirements, the technology reduces the time and cost associated with providing global support. GeoFluent with Bomgar Remote Support also recognizes company specific terms and use cases and is trained to reflect industry acronyms, shorthand, lingo, and slang.

Additional key benefits include:

  • Cost and resource savings: Companies save time and money by having to hire fewer bilingual agents
  • Customized and accurate communication: In addition to recognizing company-specific terms and scenarios, GeoFluent also detects and corrects common chat spelling mistakes
  • Increased efficiencies: By automating customized, real-time translations companies can provide more efficient, tailored chat support    

GeoFluent is an omni-channel multilingual platform that helps service desks, contact centers, and enterprises eliminate language barriers with their customers, prospects, partners, distributors, and employees. Across channels and languages, GeoFluent enables more effective communications and increases global customer experience without having to hire or maintain bilingual staff or use multiple language services providers.

“Bomgar is a leader in helping organizations around the world deliver superior support services and reduce threats to valuable data and systems,” said Tom Tseki, Lionbridge vice president and general manager. “The combination of Bomgar Remote Support and GeoFluent significantly improves the customer experience by supporting stakeholders across all languages and geographies in real-time.”

“Many companies need to support an end-user who needs or prefers to communicate in a different language than the support representative,” said Donald Hasson, director of ITSM product management, Bomgar. “However, when this need arises, organizations must be prepared or risk communication errors, poor satisfaction scores, and customer churn. Bomgar’s integration with GeoFluent addresses this issue, giving companies access to customized, efficient chat support in any language. As a result, organizations can reduce the cost and resource burden associated with global support while simultaneously increasing end-user satisfaction.”

To learn more about the integration, please visit: Companies can work directly with Lionbridge to establish the service and begin taking advantage of real-time chat communication in any language. To learn more, visit

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