RIDGELAND, Miss. – Bomgar Corporation, the leading provider of appliance-based enterprise remote support software, today released results of a recent Symantec security assessment test.  The Bomgar Box™ is robust help desk software secured within an appliance that provides support organizations clientless, remote control access of end user systems, enabling IT to deliver anywhere, anytime tech support.

Security has always been a chief focus for Bomgar as its platform was purpose-built to address the concerns of traditional remote control products. Key security features include:

  • On-site deployment: Bomgar’s dedicated appliance serves as the centralized routing interface for its help desk software that is easily adapted into existing infrastructures.
  • Administrative control: Control privileges allow administrators to assign levels of accessibility and authentication at the individual support representative level.
  • End-user override: Each remote Bomgar session allows end users to retain overriding control and the application leaves zero-footprint once the session is ended.
  • Logging and auditing: The appliance retains a video log of each support session and provides granular levels of session detail to support compliance regulations.

“Given that remote access has been cited as one of the leading contributors to data breaches,” said Joel Bomgar, CEO and founder of Bomgar, citing from a recent 2008 Data Breach Investigation Report by The Verizon Business Risk Team, “it’s very rewarding to know that our product eliminates this risk for the enterprise customers who have chosen to equip their support operations with Bomgar.”

Symantec’s product penetration assessment is designed to evaluate the application components and related environment against established security best practices. The assessment concentrates on modeling specific attack scenarios, identifying vulnerabilities and validating exploitation possibilities.  While it is not intended to provide a comprehensive security evaluation, at the time of the assessment Symantec found the overall architecture of the Bomgar Box to be designed and implemented with security best practices in mind.

During the assessment, Symantec identified aspects of Bomgar’s security architecture that offer protection against a variety of threats that exist within this type of application architecture, including a dedicated hardware appliance, server-side authentication and authorization, communication encryption and application client security.