New authenticated scanning feature provides deeper vulnerability discovery while updated vulnerability management capabilities prioritize threats

PHOENIX, January 27, 2016 – BeyondTrust, the leading cyber security company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorized access, today announced the latest version of the company’s enterprise vulnerability management solution, Retina CS version 5.8. Users of Retina CS 5.8 will have access to several new solution integrations and features, including the ability to import vulnerability data from Intel Security’s end-of-life McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM), creating a seamless vulnerability management transition experience for new customers.

In October 2015, Intel Security announced the end of life of its McAfee Vulnerability Manager, meaning that it would no longer provide vulnerability updates for the solution. This puts MVM customers at risk from new and emerging threats. As such, it is strongly recommended that current customers seek out a new vulnerability management solution. With Retina CS 5.8, MVM customers can seamlessly export their existing vulnerability data directly into the solution, providing a faster enterprise vulnerability management transition. Using the existing MVM data fed into Retina CS, new customers will have the ability to centralize all their scan data for prioritization, clearly communicate risk throughout the organization, discover unknown dangers with advanced threat analytics and even combine their asset and user intelligence to achieve a level of security visibility and control not possible until now. Current MVM customers can take advantage of BeyondTrust’s license exchange program to start using Retina CS now.

Authenticated vulnerability scanning is a method that is more accurate and provides greater insight than unauthenticated scans. But authenticated scans require the use of privileged credentials, which can often be continuously and anonymously changed for their protection. Complicating matters further, regular scans require automation. To address this challenge, Retina CS 5.8 is now tightly integrated with BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe to automate the use of privileged credentials for vulnerability scanning. Once activated, Retina CS can acquire privileged credentials from PowerBroker Password Safe on demand - just prior to executing a vulnerability assessment – eliminating the pain experienced in trying to manually maintain lists of service account credentials.

BeyondInsight Clarity version 5.8, available at no cost for Retina CS customers, contains a new interactive threat analytics dashboard and event viewer that quickly allows organizations to identify threats by asset, user and application. Events are prioritized by threat level and categorized for instant viewing by any of the attributes that represent a danger to the environment. This new user interface also marks the beginning of BeyondInsight’s journey toward a complete HTML 5 conversion – scaling from mobile phones, to tablets and desktops.

“The enhancements made to Retina CS 5.8 are designed to make the transition from McAfee Vulnerability Manager as painless as possible, without sacrificing the vulnerability data organizations have worked so hard to create,” said Brad Hibbert, CTO, BeyondTrust. “Current Retina customers will find the additional updates provide greater visibility into their networks, and do so in a more timely manner.”

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