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  • New Team Passwords feature in BeyondTrust Password Safe enables organizations to secure shared credentials used in Development, Test, QA, Marketing, Finance and other business environments.
  • Team Passwords enhances shared credential visibility by providing an audit trail of all operations, helping organizations meet security and compliance targets while enhancing productivity.

Atlanta, GA – Nov 3, 2020 - BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM), today introduced new Team Passwords functionality with the release of Password Safe 7.1. Team Passwords enables teams – whether working remotely or in the office – to easily store and manage shared credentials for accounts that are commonly held and managed within specific teams in a fully auditable and controlled environment.

The practice of sharing passwords has long been deemed a risky one, but the sharing of non-privileged accounts within small teams is common and often necessary in collaborative environments, such as Development and QA to departments. Traditionally these credentials have been stored in spreadsheets and text files, but unauthorized access to these accounts creates significant risk as either inadvertent or intentional misuse could halt important processes or harm the company’s reputation. With eighty percent of cybersecurity breaches involving brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials, protecting these shared credentials is increasingly important.

In addition to securing and managing privileged accounts, Password Safe can now secure and protect these often-overlooked credentials. Team Passwords lowers the risk of credential theft by providing teams with a secure way to store and retrieve shared credentials. A team can store shared credentials in their own isolated store within Password Safe, and manage a centralized repository that provides rapid and secure access to the credentials, boosting the team’s productivity.

The credential creator acts as the owner in Team Passwords and is the only one in the team who can change the credential. Password Safe administrators can also change, delete, and manage the Team Passwords stores and credentials, and reassign ownership to someone else in the team. Team Passwords provides the flexibility to safeguard credentials for multiple teams while meeting enterprise-level security requirements. All activity in Team Passwords is logged for auditing, giving security teams the ability to track activity and help with forensics.

Team Passwords benefits organizations by enabling teams to:

  • Increase security with shared credential management that leverages automated workflows
  • Document use of shared credentials to comply with regulations and quickly resolve issues
  • Reduce the risk of unmanaged shared credentials without impacting team productivity
  • Organize credentials based on team preferences using a folder structure
  • Search and filter information for fast retrieval

“Listening to customers is a priority for BeyondTrust and we’re continually evolving our products to better support their changing environments and requirements,” said Brian Chappell, Director of Product Management at BeyondTrust. “Team Passwords was the most requested feature on the BeyondTrust Ideas Portal, which is where customers can suggest new product features. Team Passwords enables companies to extend secure password practices to more users and is a valuable addition to the innovative features already offered in Password Safe.”

BeyondTrust Password Safe combines privileged password and session management to discover, manage, and audit all privileged credential activity and achieve complete control and accountability over privileged accounts. Password Safe customers can immediately benefit from the Team Passwords feature by upgrading to v7.1.

Learn more: beyondtrust.com/password-safe.

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