• New release expands Cloud capabilities providing a faster, easier, and more intuitive management and user experience
  • BeyondTrust Privileged Management for Windows and Mac enables endpoint passwordless administration, Just-In Time access, and pragmatic application control

Atlanta, GA – January 29, 2021– BeyondTrust, the worldwide technology leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM), announced today further enhancements to its market-leading Privilege Management for Windows and Mac (PMWM) solution. The solution enables a preventative approach to endpoint security, stopping malicious attacks by enforcing passwordless administration, “Just-in-Time” access, and pragmatic application control on endpoints.

Privileged Management for Windows and Mac 21.1 includes the following feature enhancements for the Cloud deployment option:

  • Web Policy Editor: The Cloud platform introduces policy editing directly into the management console, providing a vastly improved user experience and making policy management faster, easier, and more intuitive.
  • “Add To” Policy: Part of the Web Policy Editor, this new capability enables a more seamless policy management experience by allowing new policy rules to be created directly from audit event data.
  • Azure AD Account Workstyle Filtering: Full Azure AD Account filtering support for the Cloud version ensures policies can be accurately targeted to end-users on Windows machines with the use of Azure AD-only user groups.

“With the market’s continued acceleration to cloud deployment models, BeyondTrust has made significant investments in expanding capabilities across our cloud products,” says Dan DeRosa, SVP Product Management at BeyondTrust. “We have seen rapid adoption of the cloud version of Privileged Management for Windows and Mac, and have invested heavily in innovation with four feature releases in the last six months, which we will continue in 2021.”

Privileged Management for Mac 21.1 also includes the following features and enhancements, available in all deployment models:

  • Apple MacBook M1: Support for Apple’s MacBook M1 next-gen devices.
  • Yubikey & Smartcards: Provide an added layer of authentication for Mac users.

Other benefits of BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management include:

  • QuickStart Templates: Implement least privilege policies in days, not months - working effectively for every role and across Windows and Mac systems with flexible, out-of-the-box workstyle templates
  • Trusted Application Protection: Stop attacks involving trusted applications, catching bad scripts and infected email attachments – immediately stopping trojan horses, fileless attacks, and more with pre-built templates.
  • Pragmatic Application Control: Get control over what users can install or run back into the safe hands of IT, with automated exception handling – eliminating the threat of malware and ransomware.
  • Passwordless Administration: Perform administrative functions on an endpoint without the need for privileged or administrator credentials – removing the biggest and most prized attack vector sought by threat actors.
  • Open Integrations Framework: Utilize PowerShell scripts with Power Rules to automate workflows, create custom behaviors, or build integrations with ITSM solutions and other tools.
  • Enterprise Auditing & Reporting: Provide a single audit trail of all user activity to streamline forensics and simplify compliance, using graphical dashboards and reports for quick access.

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