Security threats, mobile employees and a changing regulatory climate have many corporations re-evaluating their current technology and processes to ensure data is protected. As CIOs and CISOs map out developing technology plans and possible procurement initiatives for their organization, it’s critical they collaborate closely with general counsel in several areas, to steer the ship through the challenges of a rapidly changing information age environment.

Ensuring Data Security

There are many great lists that you would like to see your corporation listed on, but I will bet this isn’t one of them: Krebs on Security. You may think that you have everything locked down, but you are facing an indomitable foe every day – clever cybercriminals. In the aftermath of an incident, your GC will be responsible for any legal consequences and helping ensure minimal impact to company financials and reputation. They are equally concerned that the proper processes are in place and actions are being taken up front to minimize the damage in the event of a breach. Read more