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Mergers represent new uphill battles into unfamiliar territory while employees get to grips with completely new systems and often disparate company cultures. For example, when it comes to systems integration, these differences can be a ticking time bomb – if a smaller independent creative retailer merges with a larger process-orientated retailer, there are likely to be clashes. While employees will try their hardest to get to grips with a new system, it’s no surprise that 58% of retail companies are concerned about the unintentional mishandling of sensitive data by an employee, and while they might be trying their hardest, there are some clear bad practices that are being undertaken in the retail industry.

In a desperate bid to make it work, or to find a quick workaround, 58% of employees will tell each other their passwords, as found in BeyondTrust’s most recent Privileged Access Threat Report. Even more alarming is the unrest that may occur with the onset of a merger; it’s not rare for mergers to encompass job losses in their bid to make profit, and as businesses undergo these changes, 61% of the retail sector is concerned about sabotage by a former employer who has access to sensitive data.

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