(PRWEB) December 6, 2004 - NetworkStreaming, a leading developer of remote screen sharing software, today announced the release of PresentationDesk. PresentationDesk enables online screen sharing for remote presentations and collaboration.

“PresentationDesk is a huge first step towards the expansion of our vision of enabling truly effortless remote collaboration over the Internet, whether collaboration for support, training, or sales,” said NetworkStreaming COO and Product Manager, Nathan McNeill.

Joel Bomgar, NetworkStreaming CEO and Chief Software Architect, said,  “The NetworkStreaming hardware Gateway has proven to be the ideal platform for delivering PresentationDesk’s functionality in a package that is easily deployable.”

PresentationDesk will enable a presenter to share his or her screen online in a matter of seconds. McNeill commented on the new functionality by saying, “What we find over and over again is that companies are looking for solutions that can be deployed without having to impact existing infrastructure, but at the same time want to have the ability to host the solution internally. PresentationDesk offers the option of fulfilling both requirements.” Bomgar stated that “PresentationDesk offers a simple, cost-effective solution to the task of connecting people.”

For information on NetworkStreaming’s remote desktop support appliance, go to https://www.bomgar.com.