Revolutionizes and simplifies the deployment and management of Unix and Linux least privilege.

PHOENIX, June 1, 2017 – BeyondTrust, the leading cyber security company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorized access, announced today the newest version of the PowerBroker Servers Management Console (PBSMC), a centralized, web-based solution that simplifies the deployment and management of PowerBroker for Unix & Linux, PowerBroker for Sudo and PowerBroker Identity Services. The console revolutionizes the management of Unix and Linux platforms, and delivers on BeyondTrust’s promise of simplifying Unix and Linux security and compliance. Taking into consideration that privilege abuse is responsible for over 80 percent of known breaches, BeyondTrust customers can now realize the benefits of least privilege faster and with less complexity.

The latest PowerBroker Servers Management Console expands BeyondTrust’s privilege and access mission by simplifying deployment and management of Linux and Unix users’ least privilege investment, making it possible for more organizations to benefit from BeyondTrust’s expertise. With the newest release, BeyondTrust has affirmed its position as the most complete, full-featured Unix and Linux least privilege solution, which is recognized by industry analysts and experts alike. In addition, BeyondTrust is the only provider to unify its Unix/Linux management into a single pane of glass.

Building on to the award-winning PowerBroker for Unix and Linux, PowerBroker Servers Management Console offers the following features to help Linux and Unix organizations simplify and manage privileged access management:

Discover, Profile and Validate Unix and Linux Hosts

  • Automates onboarding, reducing errors and mitigating the risk of missed systems
  • Ensures host readiness before deployment, limiting unforeseen delays
  • Adds a layer of security, ensuring controls over privileged access

Centrally Manage Deployments and Upgrades

  • Reduces deployment and management time for PowerBroker Identity Services, PowerBroker for Unix & Linux and PowerBroker for Sudo
  • Enables faster time to value and threat response across all solutions
  • Reduces operational overhead while providing central visibility and control

Manage Policies Using a Web-based Console

  • Manages multiple delegation policies, file integrity monitoring policies, and advanced audit control policies from a single graphical console
  • Enables faster adoption of strong privilege policy, even for the less-experienced Unix/ Linux admins
  • Enables faster business and threat response by reducing the effort required to create, update or deploy policy

“Managing a large and complex Unix or Linux estate can be time-consuming, and if systems aren’t managed consistently or if least privilege policies are not applied uniformly, it can lead to risky gaps that can be exploited by outside attackers or malicious insiders,” said Brad Hibbert, chief technology officer, BeyondTrust. “The PowerBroker Servers Management Console unifies the policy, deployment, upgrades and management of Unix and Linux least privilege products, ensuring that no systems are neglected.”

Pricing and Availability

The PowerBroker Servers Management Console is free for all BeyondTrust customers and bundled with PowerBroker for Unix & Linux, PowerBroker for Sudo and PowerBroker Identity Services.

About BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is a global information security software company that helps organizations prevent cyber attacks and unauthorized data access due to privilege abuse. Our solutions give you the visibility to confidently reduce risks and the control to take proactive, informed action against data breach threats. And because threats can come from anywhere, we built a platform that unifies the most effective technologies for addressing both internal and external risk: Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Management. Our solutions grow with your needs, making sure you maintain control no matter where your company goes. BeyondTrust’s security solutions are trusted by over 4,000 customers worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100. To learn more about BeyondTrust, please visit