Stuart Facey explains why companies should be securing their data with the same determination as they would with their own homes

In a digital world, we are constantly sharing data in exchange for various products and services. There’s an understanding or, in many cases, an assumption, that the data we are sharing is being protected. This is not always the case. We just have to look at the plethora of global headlines highlighting the latest stories detailing security breaches or data loss. From US retailer Target[1], to UK internet company TalkTalk[2] and broadcast regulator Ofcom[3], we’ve seen recent threats stem from ever-evolving sources.

It’s not that companies are ignoring the risks. Many across the globe have invested heavily in solutions to bolster their security against intruders. However, these recent breaches show that certain areas have been left exposed. It begs the question: are these companies really treating customer data the same as they would their most prized home possessions? They may have a fence, a guard dog and a patrolling drone, but is the back door still being left wide open? Read more..