6 Lessons in IT Security So Far in 2017 | BeyondTrust

In response to the numerous serious malware attacks and the security breaches that have plagued 2017 so far, organizations must take the time and reevaluate the security landscape for the remainder of the year. Hackers at the Defcon conference this year were able to compromise voting machines in the "Voter Hacking Village" in about 90 minutes. Methods such as using a Windows XP exploit from 2003 - one the machine was never patched for - was just one of the attack pathways used. "Attacks" such as this are part of a mix of prevailing threats that include malicious insiders, insecure third parties, and hacking groups growing in sophistication and diversifying in motives. While organizations decipher what they can learn from cyberattacks and other IT developments, we also must determine what breaches tell us to anticipate as we enter the latter half of the year and beyond.  Read more.