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As we continue our way through a new year, it’s a great benefit to reflect on the breaches that shook the cybersecurity world in 2018, and what lessons there are to be learned for the future.

More than 3.4 terabytes of data and 70 million documents from FIFA were leaked, 90 million Facebook user accounts were exposed, and it was a tough summer for BA after it suffered breach after breach, one affecting 380,000 transactions, with confidential personal and financial information being stolen.

The list is extensive, and is a clear testament to the risk that cybercriminals can pose, as well as malicious insiders who have the capabilities to be a liability to confidential data, regulatory compliance status and reputation.

The past year has really shown that the days when we could run antivirus software, put up a firewall, apply patches and consider it a job done in regards to cybersecurity are gone. So here are five steps to ensure the best preventative measures against a cyber-attack and tightening up control over critical systems in a modern business.

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