Most large enterprises are painfully aware of their security vulnerabilities and are proactively working to mitigate risks. But recent research has proven that small and midsize businesses (SMBs) don’t fully recognize how high the likelihood is that they’ll suffer an attack or the business implications surrounding such vulnerabilities. Moreover, they’re not fully aware of all of the facets of a well-rounded cyber defense. These days, it’s about way more than firewalls and antivirus software.

According to a recent Ponemon report, more than 50 percent of 600 SMBs in North America have been breached in the last year, and only 14 percent of these companies rate their ability to mitigate cyber-attacks as highly effective. In this environment, it’s clear that SMBs need protection against potential security threats with the same diligence as their enterprise counterparts. However, given their limited time and resources, it’s no surprise that many SMB security pros can quickly grow overwhelmed. Full story..