New research from SentinelOne has revealed that 30% of NHS Trusts have suffered a ransomware attack, potentially placing patient data and lives at risk.

In the Freedom of Information study that the firm made to 129 NHS Trusts, responses were received from 94 whilst three refused to answer, stating that their response could harm their commercial interests. One Trust – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – admitting to suffering an attack 19 times in just 12 months.

Despite all but two Trusts using antivirus on their endpoint devices, SentinelOne pointed to failings in outdated AV software as a significant problem when it comes to protecting patient records from malware. An example was Leeds Teaching Hospital which, despite installing a McAfee solution, still suffered five attacks in the past year. Of the 15 Trusts who were able to provide further information about the origins of the breaches, 87% said that the attacker gained access through a networked NHS device, with 80% targeted by phishing. Read more.