Secure Team Passwords

There are teams in your organization that must access accounts as part of their daily work. Examples include Development, Test, QA, Marketing, Finance and others. Most of these accounts do not contain sensitive information, but in the wrong hands, could still cause damage to the organization. For example, unauthorized access to a test environment could have severe consequences for the organization.

Traditionally, most small groups with oversight over shared credentials have managed them manually in spreadsheets or worse, with sticky notes. Organizations can now manage these credentials locally within each team in a secure and auditable way.

Team Passwords is designed to securely store credentials owned by small groups within Password Safe, in a fully auditable controlled environment. This feature delivers secure password practices teams in the organization outside of traditional privileged admin user roles. Sensitive credentials shared by groups, can now be safely stored in Password Safe and locally managed.

Use BeyondInsight to Manage Team Passwords