Secure the access, predict what matters, act to address risk

BeyondTrust and Tenable enable all organizations to close their cybersecurity exposure gap with continuous threat detection, vulnerability management and highly secure remote access for IT, OT, Cloud, Container, Mobile, apps and more.

Attacks are on the rise

The attacks are on the rise. 2019 saw an increase in cyber incidents impacting OT infrastructures and in 2020 90% of organizations had at least one OT system intrusion incident.

The problem with access is 3rd parties pose more risks than ever before. A study by BeyondTrust found that on average 182 vendors are logging into an organizations system every week. A Pomenon & Opus study found that three out of five breaches are incurred because of a vendor.

Protect your OT infrastructure from cyber threats, malicious insiders, and human error. Tenable addresses the lack of visibility into infrastructures and helps organizations make predictive risk-based decisions on where they should be focusing to reduce the probability of a business impacting cyber event from occurring.

Privileged Remote Access empowers OT teams to control, manage, and audit remote privileged access by authorized employees, suppliers, and vendors, without compromising safety or security and the need for a VPN.

Together, these solutions enable organizations to close their cybersecurity exposure gap.

Privileged Remote Access + Tenable.OT

Threat Detection, Vulnerability Management and Secure Remote Access

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