The BeyondTrust Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program empowers partners to offer an easy-to-deploy, comprehensive, flexible, scalable and collaborative PAM managed service deployed through an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid model.

​Features and Capabilities

With the BeyondTrust MSP program, partners can deliver the following solutions as services:

Privileged Password & Session Management

  • Password Safe
  • DevOps Secrets Safe

Endpoint Privilege Management

  • Privilege Management for Windows and Mac
  • Privilege Management for Unix, Linux, and Networked Devices
  • Active Directory (AD) Bridge

Secure Remote Access

  • Privileged Remote Access
  • Remote Support

With this integrated offering, MSP and MSSP partners have a foundation to significantly expand their managed security services and substantially grow profitability.

Program benefits

  • Grow Footprint and Revenue: Deliver value-added services in privileged access to current and new clients.
  • Gain a Central View of Insider Threats: Use a single web-based management console to centrally manage the portfolio of privileged offerings.
  • Deliver Integrated Services: Integrate privileged solutions with leading IAM, MFA/SSO, SIEM, service desk, GRC, and systems management tools.
  • Scale to Meet Even the Largest Environments: Maintain a flexible single instance or multi-client deployment to match the scale and demands of a diverse customer base.
  • Improve Flexibility to Support Complex Customers: Support physical, virtual, cloud, and SaaS applications from a single (or multiple) MSP installed environment.
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