License Exchange Program For Quest®/Dell, NetIQ and NetWrix Customers

If you’ve had enough of high license fees, big maintenance charges, and low productivity, the BeyondTrust License Exchange Program was designed with you in mind. It makes upgrading to a superior Active Directory security and compliance product fast, easy and very affordable. Please complete the form below to initiate your license exchange.

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Thank you for your interest in our solutions. A BeyondTrust representative will contact you shortly to assist. Feel free to contact us if you require immediate assistance.

How the Program Works

BeyondTrust will offer current Quest/Dell (which includes former NetPro), NetIQ, and NetWrix licensees the opportunity to exchange their auditing, recovery, and event log management software licenses for BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor licenses on a seat-for-seat basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I currently own 2,000 Quest or NetIQ or NetWrix licenses. What’s the benefit of this program for me?
In addition to receiving a superior suite of fully integrated products, you won’t have to buy licenses again for those seats already licensed with Quest, NetIQ or NetWrix, AND, you’ll save big on lowered maintenance costs, due to the cost of your annual maintenance contract will be based on the price BeyondTrust would have charged you for those licenses, not Quest or NetIQ.
2) I now have 4,000 users on Quest Recovery Manager. I want to exchange these licenses, but I need 2,000 more seats. What can you do for me?
We will happily exchange all 4,000 of your current licenses for PowerBroker on a one-for-one basis. That way you’ll only need to purchase new licenses for the 2,000 additional users. You’ll also save on maintenance costs for all 6,000 seats.
3) We have a lot of former users who have left the company, but for compliance reasons we cannot delete those accounts. How can I minimize the licensing and ongoing maintenance costs for these non-active users?
You’re in luck. BeyondTrust charges only per heartbeat, not per account. So, you’ll never have to pay for those inactive users again and you can maintain compliance without a cost penalty. Nor do we charge for service accounts, like multiple admin accounts. With BeyondTrust, it’s one person, one heartbeat, and one license. And, your maintenance costs will be lower, too.